Higham Marshes Cycling

Active travel is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ method of travelling around our beautiful county with new routes and cycle route upgrades coming to Kent over the next few weeks. Explore Kent have a great range of quality approved cycle rides including nine town walking and cycling guides and newly upgraded routes already available for cycling.


New and improved active travel routes

Benefits of Active Travel

Aside from giving you options, there are many other benefits of active travel.  You will save money  on expensive car running costs, public transport and, thanks to the health benefits of active travel, you won’t need an expensive gym membership because you’ll be getting fit and travelling at the same time!

You will also be helping to reduce pollution on our roads along with the health risks that come with poor air quality, especially for young children. The chances of catching or transmitting COVID-19 are also much less outdoors than in enclosed spaces, such as public transport, so Active Travel is fast becoming an ‘anti-COVID’ method of travelling.

Making a start on active travel

So how do you get started? The great news is that there are several schemes available where you can get a bike at a relatively low cost.

Building your confidence

Once you have your bike sorted; the next challenge is often one of confidence. Luckily there are several groups that are designed to help you with that, whether it’s women’s only Breeze rides or teaching an adult to ride safely and quickly using the KCC’s cycle training. Also, learn to ride confidently to work, using the beginners guide from Cycling UK, and educate yourself repairing your own bicycle, using the Bicycle Repair Guide from BikeRide.


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