Higham Marshes Cycling

East Malling Footpath Upgrades

The footpaths connect East Malling village with the surrounding larger areas of Ditton, Larkfield and Maidstone. A key feature is Oakenwood which is a well-used leisure woodland combining many footpaths and byways to a wide surrounding area. It is well used by cyclists, providing a useful commuting and leisure route for local residents. The network of footpaths provides a safe route to East Malling and access to East Malling Railway Station for villagers and the surrounding areas.

Footpath MR102 also provides an active travel route to Maidstone Hospital, Barming Station and links to the wider area of Allington. The network of footpaths and byway ensures safe active travel to railway stations, schools and leisure facilities avoiding the many busy roads in the area.

This is also an excellent leisure route with connections to many local green spaces and fantastic views across the countryside.

Take a look at the map below and see how you can use the network to plan your active travel journey.


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