LinziWalks: The Wild Warrior’s Journey Along the British Coastline

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2nd March 2024

Lindsey is a self-proclaimed wild warrior woman, and she is on a mission to hike the entire Great Britain coastline, a journey of 7,178.7 miles, in 306 days or less. Her love for the outdoors was amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading her to rediscover nature and its limitless, connected, and safe yet challenging aspects.

In 2019, Lindsey hiked the Camino Frances 100km: Sarria to Santiago, a transformative experience that deepened her appreciation for the present moment and the interconnectedness of life. This journey also marked her entry into a community of well-being warriors, enhancing her daily life.

Lindsey’s goal is to share her hiking experiences to inspire others and fulfill her life’s purpose. She believes that she is only limited by the limits she places on herself. She invites others to join her on her mission to become the 1st woman thru-hiker to trek the entire UK coastline. Her chosen charities are MIND & NTUK, which hold a special place in her heart.

Explore Kent supported Lindsey on day 4 of her fundraising challenge, walking a stretch of the King Charles III England Coast Path. We asked Lindsey why she picked Kent to be her first stretch, she responded for it’s “stunning coastline, which has miles of magical places to enjoy, come rain or shine. I’ve seen its vast winding estuaries and coastline with some incredible wildlife…the most magnificent was when a marsh harrier suddenly flew metres away from me. Such a beautiful bird of prey that oozes strength and elegance all at the same time. Not to mention the people… the people have been so friendly, kind, welcoming and chatty.”

This blog is to showcase the start of her journey through the Kent coast, giving you an insight to her travels and picking up the sights along the King Charles III England Coast path.

The Journey Along the South East King Charles III England Coast Path

Day one – Friday 1st March:

On day one, Lindsey will embark on her journey from Greenwich Park and will conclude the day’s trek at Swanscombe. This segment of the path offers a unique perspective of London’s vibrant cityscape from afar. Walkers can enjoy a diverse range of views, from coastal habitats and maritime industries to serene, remote areas. The path winds through both densely populated urban areas and peaceful rural communities, providing a rich and varied experience.

Woolwich view of London skylineImage of Woolwich England Coast Path

Day two – Saturday 2nd March:

On the second day of her journey, Lindsey sets forth in Swanscombe. Lindsey’s route leads her through the Swanscombe Marshes, a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven of tranquility. She will also walk through the RSPB Cliff Pools Reserve, nestled on the south bank of the Thames, just downriver from Gravesend. She will end her day’s walking along the Isle of Grain.

Swanscombe PeninsulaCliffe Fort

Day three – Sunday 3rd March

Continuing her journey through Grain Coastal Park, an expanse primarily composed of marshland, she will go through the Hoo Peninsula, taking her to the historic Upnor Castle and the picturesque village. Lindsey then continues her exploration, strolling through the Medway towns and reserves such as Riverside Country Park. Lindsey will end her third day in Lower Rainham.

Grain Coastal ParkView of Upnor Castle with boats in the foreground.

Day four – Monday 4th March

As Lindsey starts to depart from Medway, she embarks her journey towards Sittingbourne, known for its rich industrial heritage, she will stroll through the serene landscapes of the Oare Marshes Nature Reserve, enjoying wonderful views across the Medway Estuary. The day after, she will have her first rest day to this incredible challenge.

Feeling inspired? Try out some of the sections of the KCIIIECP

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