Watersports in Kent are very popular, thanks to our vast amount of beautiful coastal areas and inland lakes and rivers. Whether it be paddleboarding or windsurfing during the warm summer months, or kayaking or cold water sea swimming during the chillier months. Or how about kitesurfing at any time of the year? Take a look below at blue water activities to give you some ideas that you can try for the first time or even take up again!

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Canoeing and Kayaking

With a 350 mile long coastline and plenty of inland waters to explore, Kent’s beautiful scenery and kayak and canoe trails are the perfect chance to jump into a canoe, dip in your paddle and try your hand at one of these paddlesports. Take a look below at our canoe and kayaking page to find out more.

Paddleboarding and SUP Yoga

Paddleboarding works out your entire body from your arms, back, core, legs, and all your stabilizer muscles. SUP yoga will allow you to focus on all these muscle groups in a mindful way and allow you to work on your breathing while doing your yoga practice in the tranquil blue environment. Take a look at where you can self launch your paddleboard and where the courses and classes are near you below.


AquaPaddle is the Paddle Sport charity. It aims to help people’s mental wellbeing and physical health through paddle sport and​ a free-of-charge, timed 5km paddle for all abilities, on waterways across the country open to all paddlers, including paddle boarders, kayakers and canoeists. They are growing and supporting the paddle sport community, that will complement our BlueSpace activities.

AquaPaddle Tonbridge is their first Location in Kent. It is on the River Medway that winds its way through the county and meets with The Thames in North Kent. The route starts and finishes in the historic town just by Tonbridge Castle.

The exact location from What3words is: ///mess.sock.agrees on Tonbridge Slipway where you take a route around Tinker Island. If you don’t have your own craft to take they can provide them at hire cost for you. You can look to paddle one Sunday a month. Check out their events page to book a date.

Wind Sports: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Sailing

Windsurfing is a surface sport that combines the elements of both surfing and sailing. This sport is perfect for little ones to start and advance in as they get older, as well as for adults who love the water and are keen to try a new sport.

If you fancy something a bit more exhilarating why not try kitesurfing, harness the wind with a large kite instead of a sail. Kitesurfing is said to require less physical strength than windsurfing, albeit your arm muscles get a lot of work managing and controlling the kite.

Sailing is a great way to spend some time in the fresh air, exploring the water. It is a good sport for both the body and mind. Find out where you nearest wind sport lessons and courses are below.

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming has its advantages, one of them being that the close connection with nature has been proved to help support mental health. Swimmers vow that there are many health conditions that can be improved through swimming as well as feeling happier and grounded. Find out more on wild swimming below and where the best places to swim are.

Scuba Diving

Experience the wonders of the underwater world and increase your emotional wellbeing as well as your concentration and awareness. As you swim underwater, you continually keep your balance by coordinating your leg and arm movements despite the weight you are carrying – it is a unique and fun sport. Check out below courses that are from complete beginners to more experienced enthusiasts.

Family Watersports

From Kent’s largest aqua park at St Andrews Lakes to kids paddleboarding and kayaking there’s so many great activities that you and your family can try around Kent. Most of the watersport centres can offer a wide variety of activities that can cater for all and will make a great day out. Take a look below at some family friendly activities near you.

Coast Path Walks

From the sand dunes of Camber to the White Cliffs of Dover, the England Coast Path is a delight to walk, whether it’s the full length or a smaller section of it. Explore Kent has compiled an exciting collection of the coast path, giving you a good opportunity to explore the stunning blue water areas which you will walk through on your coast path adventure. Click below to find out more.

Blue Water Blogs

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