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We in Kent are blessed with a stunning coastal, lined with sandy or pebbled beaches perfect for a variety of activities. Wind sports in Kent, are and always have been very popular on our coasts. From windsurfing and kitesurfing to all the different kinds of sailing.


Windsurfing is a surface sport that combines the elements of both surfing and sailing, it emerged as a sport in the late 1960’s from the surf culture of California. This sport is perfect for little ones to start and advance in as they get older, as well as for adults who love the water and are keen to try a new sport. There are various windsurfing clubs along the coast that offer classes to children and adults, if you really like it then you can join as a member. Windsurfing is also one of those sports that can be learnt and applied in different places and countries.

Windsurfing Lessons


If you fancy something a bit more exhilarating why not try kitesurfing, harness the wind with a large kite instead of a sail. Kitesurfing started to receive a lot of attention in the late 1990’s and continuing strongly today. Kitesurfing is said to require less physical strength than windsurfing, albeit your arm muscles get a lot of work managing and controlling the kite. You can also develop your technique a lot faster when learning to kitesurf, however this comes with its warnings – handling a large kite with lines in inmmense winds is something to think about before deciding whether this is the sport for you.

Kitesurfing Lessons


Sailing is a great way to spend some time in the fresh air, exploring the water. It is a good sport for both the body and mind. It helps you to strengthen the muscles in your arms, legs and your abdomen and it trains you to improve your balance and your hand-eye coordination.  The sea air and fresh water are also great for your mental health, as it refreshes and clears your mind.

Sailing Courses

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