Stile Free Routes

Bedgebury Stile Free Trail

31st October 2023

What are Stile Free Routes?

Our stile free routes are suitable for a wide range of users including those in mobility scooters and families with younger children.

At Explore Kent, we aim to provide detailed information about our routes to give you a clear idea of what to expect. Please be mindful that our stile free routes are located in the countryside and the path surfaces can be adversely affected by poor weather conditions. Certain routes may be better suited for wheelchairs with wider wheels, as they can handle the terrain more easily compared to other wheelchairs. We encourage you to read about the trails, and to assess them if you feel confident in completing them yourself.

Discover routes with changing place facilities, rest stops, and disabled toilets conveniently situated along the trail. Identify the route that best caters to your needs by reading more below.

Radar Keys and Gates:

Radar Keys offer convenient access to disabled toilets throughout the UK. Prior to the creation of these keys, it was widely acknowledged that finding clean, accessible, and free disabled toilets was a significant challenge, primarily due to misusage by the public. By purchasing keys directly from Disability Rights UK, you not only gain access to over 9,000 disabled public toilets nationwide, but also contribute to the essential services provided by the charity, such as their helpline dedicated to supporting independent living. For more information, please visit the Disability Rights website using this link:

Radar gates are equipped with a radar key, which enables wheelchair and pushchair users to access them. By using a radar key, these gates can open beyond their regular stopping point. Keep in mind that some of the routes we have listed may have radar gates placed along the way. You can find information about these gates in the route description or on the attached map.

Changing Places:

Changing Places toilets are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals who require extra support and space. These toilets are equipped with additional facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of users. By providing this specialised facility, they aim to enable everyone to use the toilet independently and with dignity, regardless of their requirements for assistance or special equipment. To find a Changing Place facility near you, find out more by using this link: Currently, we have four of our listed parks that offer a Changing Place facility listed here:

Trails with Rest Stops:

Trails with Disabled Toilets:

Each week we find a #FourWheelFriday route on our social media, which is accessible on four wheels and we share everything we can about the route to help you decide if it’s right for you. If you would like to explore a range of activities that are suitable for wheelchairs take a look at our activities page.

If you would like more information on accessibility, please email

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