Winter Wellbeing

Winter path with couple walking

28th November 2023

As the days grow shorter and colder, it can be challenging to maintain our usual routine and keeping active. With Christmas approaching, this time of year can bring additional stress for both ourselves and our loved ones. Keep on reading to hear our tips for Winter Wellbeing and to find walking routes near you.

Maintaining your daily routine can do wonders for your wellbeing. Getting out of bed on time, getting dressed, having meals at regular times, and going to bed at a reasonable hour can make a significant difference in how you feel. Despite the hour change due to the clocks going back, sticking to your usual waking up routine can boost your productivity throughout the day. Remember, it’s not about how much you couldn’t complete, but the tasks you did achieve that matter. If there are unfinished tasks, simply jot them down on a calendar or a to-do list to complete another day.

We all understand that our lives can get busy and we sometimes lose contact with family members or friends. Try to invite them out for a walk around your area, it may be a simple activity but you never know who really needs it. Bring a flask of tea or coffee or stop at a nearby café. Not only does it improve our physical wellbeing, but it also boosts our mental state as we engage in meaningful conversations. And always remember, if you ever feel lonely or down, don’t hesitate to reach out to a helpline. Text the word KENT to 85258 or phone 0800 107 0160 for free confidential support at any time, visit the Kent to Connect Support website for more information.

Make it a habit to spend at least 20 minutes outdoors every day, not just when you’re with someone on walks. Step outside and walk to your local shop or take a stroll to drop off your Christmas cards at the postbox. Even taking a moment to see the festive lights in your local area can be a wonderful way to get some fresh air. Studies have shown that spending time outside enhances your overall wellbeing and helps you appreciate your local area.

Looking for a day in December to explore Kent? Take a look at our recommendations:



To find more exciting walks near you, download the Kent Connected app using this link. This allows you to view these routes on your smartphone, download the maps and to find walks near you using the interactive map.

Looking for Christmas Markets near you to visit? Find out more using this link or take a look at our Christmas Trails and Light Walks page.

Remember when exploring these routes to respect the Countryside Code. Respect everyone, protect the environment and enjoy the outdoors.

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