Mindful Moments in Nature

Man overlooking the countryside on top of a hill

20th September 2022

Being in nature is a wonderful place to be for your wellbeing but to incorporate it with an experience it gives you the ultimate well-rounded mental and physical health benefits. We have selected below some of our top experiences that incorporate the outdoors focusing both on the benefits of nature and teaching you the skills to become more mindful.

Off-grid Woodland Camping

Take a chance to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature. Off-grid Woodland Camping goes back to basics to inspire and immerse yourselves in beautiful ancient woodland to allow nature and the magic of campfires to enhance your wellbeing. Whilst in the woodland you can learn new skills such as forest bathing, wild cooking and basket weaving.

Boy learning how to make a fire in the woods

Mindful Coaching

Mindful Coaching is all about helping you to reach your full potential whether it’s health and wellbeing goals or improving self-confidence, Martin Covill uses transformational coaching techniques such as mindfulness and deep-dive questioning techniques to help you remove blockages and enabling you to create a new pathway to success all in the inspiring and tranquil surroundings of the Kent Downs.

Mindful coaching discussion in the woods

Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Switch off from the outside world and explore Kent’s spectacular woodlands at the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership. Learn practical conversation, help to preserve and shape the landscape and create your own centuries old craft using traditional techniques in the peaceful, rural retreat in the Medway Valley. Finish the day off by relaxing and sampling local Kentish produce in an idyllic sylvan setting.

Group of people helping to preserve the natural landscape

Soul Setting Journey

Join Tansy Downman at the Soul Setting Journey for a day of intention setting and walking around the stunning Kent Downs AONB. Be part of a small group of like-minded ‘women supporting women’ and give yourself a day for wellbeing and personal growth. Enjoy a day of mindful exercises as you stay in-breath while you slowly and intentionally hill climb – a metaphor for overcoming challenges and accomplishment once you reach the top.

Intention setting in a group

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