Make the most of autumn leaves

autumn tree

9th November 2018

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter it can be difficult to get yourself outside and enjoying nature as much as you do in the summer. With a little help from guest blogger Lyliah, we want to remind you that there’s tons of fun to be had outdoors at this time of year!

Autumn Colour

There’s nothing quite like the splendid oranges and reds of autumn trees – visit your local park and enjoy the colourful surroundings before the trees lose the last of their leaves for winter.

Arts and Crafts

Why not collect some of those leaves and get creative? Lyliah’s vlog shows you how to reveal the patterns of the leaves using paints and plain paper. If you’re looking for more natural autumn crafts why not try these ideas from the Woodland Trust?

Feed the Ducks (but not bread!)

Lyliah also took the time to visit a duck pond and feed the ducks, taking care to give them food they’ll enjoy that won’t pollute their habitat, like grapes, corn or bird seed!

For more autumn inspiration take a look at our brilliant autumn themed walks. Autumn is a beautiful time of year to go exploring, just make sure you wrap up warm!

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