Easy Access Trails and how they can help you!

Children studying a worksheet at Shorne Woods

2nd October 2018

With the upcoming half term for most schools in Kent on October 20th, this is a great time for you and the family to go on an easy access trail in Northern Kent!

There are many different trails in Northern Kent for example Shorne Woods. With its brilliant woodland, trails and picnic area it is a prime place to take your children outside to embrace nature as well as grab a coffee or a snack if you want a rest allowing the children to play football or just enjoy their surroundings whilst you try and relax.

Other trails to try!

Alongside Shorne Woods there are other easy access trails for you and the family to use with Camer Park, which offers the chance for you to see the lizards (don’t worry they’re harmless!) and Jeskyns all fulfilling your urge for nature, with Jeskyns offering a quarter mile route, the Court Wood trail, if you prefer a briefer look into these nature walks. Other information being offered on our website about the early access trails if any more information is needed.

All allow for parking as well as allowing you to bring a dog along to embrace the nature alongside you!

All trails are available now and are waiting for you to embrace them!!

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