Dreaming of a Green Christmas


10th December 2018

‘Tis the season to be wrapping presents, decorating the house and visiting your local Christmas markets…but everything we do over the festive season has an impact on the environment. Here are our top tips to caring for the planet this Christmas.

  1. Plastic free Sellotape, wrapping paper and more

As you probably know, single use plastic is a scourge on our environment. What you might not realise is that most wrapping paper is not recyclable – the shiny, sparkly and metallic kind especially. You can go plastic free this Christmas with brown parcel paper, reusable gift bags and stockings. See more tips for a plastic free Christmas.

  1. Cycle, don’t drive, to your local market

Save the planet and your wallet by leaving the car at home and cycling or walking to your local Christmas market. You won’t have to sit in Christmas traffic and you’ll be reducing carbon emissions and boosting your health by getting exercise and fresh air. Visit kentconnected.org or download the app to help plan your journey.

  1. Turn off the Christmas lights if no one’s around

Save valuable energy by switching off the Christmas lights when no one is around to see them, or during the day when they don’t shine so brightly. LED lighting is more energy efficient, and if you’re putting up lights outdoors then using solar powered lights will save even more energy.

  1. A Christmas walk instead of Christmas TV

Taking a walk as a family will bring you all closer together, give you a chance to walk off that Christmas dinner and will save your electricity bill as you switch off the TV. Take a look at our map to find walks near you, or just take a stroll to your local park.

  1. Put your waste where it belongs

As you tidy up after the festivities, make sure your rubbish is ending up in the right place. Can you reuse it? Then save it! Can you recycle it? Then put it in the recycling bin! Food waste can go on the compost, or the food waste bin if you have one. If you’re not sure what you can and can’t recycle then recyclenow can help you find your local guidelines.

If a Green Christmas isn’t enough for you, how about a whole year? You’re in luck because 2019 is the Year of Green Action. Explore Kent is going to be featuring the latest green news and events in Kent, so that you can take action to protect the environment in 2019.

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