Beacon Wood Walk

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This ancient hilly woodland supplied timber for over one hundred years and was even the site of a beacon to warn of the approaching Spanish Armada during Elizabethan times.

This site was transformed into a gunpowder and cement works, resulting in the pitted landscape you see today. A walk through the woodland will reveal the old clay pits which have almost completely reverted back to a natural state.

There are plenty of viewpoints offering sights of the park’s pond with its fresh water invertebrates and dragonflies skimming the water. You’ll also find long views across the surrounding countryside and the naturally regenerating birch woodland.

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Step by step guide

  • Start with your back to the disabled parking bays in the designated parking area and facing the entrance, you will see a yellow marker indicating a path in the far right hand corner of the car park. Follow the main path bearing to the right through the woodland.
  • Turn right at the junction, follow the path and take the first turning on the right.
  • Continue ahead to reach the crossroads
  • Continue ahead, bearing to the left to reach point 2. Retrace your steps, take the first left and continue ahead to the next junction.
  • Turn right following the path ahead to the next junction
  • If you wish to return to the car park, bear left towards the picnic area. Otherwise, turn right and follow straight ahead for 150m
  • At the junction after the sunken timber boards, you may turn left and follow a wooden boardwalk to reach a viewing area over another pond (point 3). Otherwise, continue ahead for another 100m to reach the end of the path
  • Retrace your steps, passing the junction at F until you reach a second junction
  • Turn right and follow this path ahead to B then retrace your steps back to the car park