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Kent has many great organisations and community run groups that work hard to enhance our environment and Kent Year of Green Action brings together all their volunteering and training opportunities. Getting outside, meeting people and making a difference to the environment can be very rewarding. There are opportunities on nature reserves, green spaces and beaches around Kent, but Kent Year of Green Action will also provide information on what you can do to enhance the environment in your gardens, local parks, schools and though your businesses and work.

Do something creative this year like make a birdbox to attract garden birds to your backyard or take part in a litter picking project or beach clean event, there is even advice on how to organise your own community beach clean.  The Thanet Coast Project has organised a a series of beach cleans at Pegwell Bay throughout 2019 if you fancy joining a ready organised group.

This year is the chance to get involved in something meaningful for the environment to make it a better place for everyone in the community.

On Wednesday 6th February, school children in Sevenoaks dipped in to the Year of Green Action by creating a wildlife pond.  The event was attended by KCC cabinet member Michael Payne and proved to be a fantastic launch for the campaign.

Get Started!

Green action can take many shapes and forms, but can also be a great way to discover new places, relax, keep fit, get some fresh air, learn new things, spend time with friends and meet new people.

Kent Year of Green Action brings together a wide range of organisations that are already offering opportunities to learn about the environment and to take action. The Old Chalk New Downs is an example of a project working across a large landscape area which also provides volunteering and learning activities.

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