Spring has Sprung!

Bluebell flowers in woodland

25th February 2021

With finally a light at the end of the tunnel, we are sure everyone is looking forward to spring as much as we are! One of our favourite things about Spring is the beautiful seasonal changes that occur in the months of March, April, May and June!

From wildflowers blooming in large meadows and other green spaces to the newly born young of wildlife, Spring is the month for fresh starts and new life, something we all need in the current climate!

We want to share with you guys the best spots in spring and also how to spot the first signs of this magical season, let’s make the most out of these positive changes, longer days, more sunlight, warmer weather and a fresh start!


Here are our favourite seasonal changes and spots in Spring, what’s yours?

  • Look out for frogs spawn in your local lakes, ponds and rivers – Toads are also out and about, often travelling at night, in cooler climates, to find ponds to breed in! Frogs and toads tend to start breeding earlier so start looking in February.
  • One of our personal favourite, Bluebells – one of the great spring wildlife sights! Lookout in late April and early May as they are usually their best, so make sure not to miss out! A carpet of bluebells transforms woodlands into a place of magic and wonder!
  • Our favourite pollinators, Bees –  Look out for the first ones on warm days in March! These will be queens which have successfully survived the winter and are now seeking nectar and pollen from spring flowers!
  • Look out for Migrating birds – Chiffchaffs are usually one of the first migrant birds to arrive in March and they can be heard singing their names in a repetitive song. Sand martins and wheatears are also amongst the first to appear. Swallows, swifts and cuckoos will then appear in April and May.
  • Blooming spring blossom – Watch the progress of Spring in a hedge. The buds of hawthorn burst and new fresh green leaves appear followed by creamy white flowers in late April or May.

Some more signs Spring is here…

  • Tree leaves and flowers unfurling – As winter turns to spring, the bare, frost-covered branches begin to develop new buds and shoots. In March, watch for; ash, beech, oak and rowan buds bursting, first leaves emerge from alder, field maple and silver birch and frothy delicate blossoms of blackthorn and crab apple.
  • Insects awaken – As the volume of spring flowers grow, so do our beloved pollinators to feed on them! See if you can spot peacock and small tortoiseshell butterflies from later February, followed in March by the brimstone, small white comma and red admiral.
  • The famous spring flower, The Daffodil – These vivid flowers are one of the first signs that spring is truly underway. These joyful yellow flowers blossom from late February to early April, you won’t miss these beautiful flowers!
  • Signs of New Life – You may notice the birdsong building from February of birds singing to attract mater or warn rivals off their patch. In late March and April, you can see evidence of nest building to protect their soon to be young!

Best places to see the first signs of spring!

The beauty of these natural events is that they happen all around us! There’s n0 need to travel and great distance, keep a close eye and ear on:

  • your garden, balcony or window box
  • street trees
  • green spaces like parks and nature reserves
  • local woods
  • local ponds, lakes, rivers

Want to increase your chances of seeing and attracting signs of spring at home? Make your garden a haven for wildlife with some handy tips and guides from the Wildlife Watch spring page!


We hope you will fall in love with Spring just as much as we are!

To make the most of the beautiful season of Spring why not try out the Kent Connected app, to find some walks on your doorstep to catch a glimpse of the signs of spring!

When visiting any open space during Spring, please bear in mind the current government restriction and keep safe and a 2-meter distant.

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