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The start of the walk took us through big apple orchards full of colourful blossoms of pink and white.

We then joined the Stour Way, which was signposted well and followed this. It took us across a farmers field which had been ploughed recently, but the dry weather had dried out the huge tractor tracks so it was great fun taking giant steps over them all.

The Stour way continued into grassy land with drainage channels around us. As we walked 3 swans flew overhead and landed a few fields away but minutes later a whole flock of swans with about 22 birds in it came soaring over our heads. It was the biggest flock that any of us had ever seen before. It was an amazing sight.

Then we crossed a bridge over a stream and when I looked in it there were 2
of the biggest water boatmen I have ever seen.

There were a few times we had to cross the railway line so we were very careful and always listened out for trains.

The path continued past the river where houseboats were moored.

After crossing the train track one last time we headed up a steep woodland path arriving at Richborough Fort where we had a picnic. We had completed half of our walk. It was fun exploring the ruins and especially hiding in the ditches, we also looked around the museum and played Billy Goats Gruff on the big wooded bridge.

After a couple of hours at the fort we continued the second half of our walk, picking up the Saxon shore way footpath.

On the way back we walked through fields and horse paddocks and even on a path made from crushed shells.

It was a fantastic walk and in the end we walked 6 1/2 miles. I enjoyed exploring parts of Kent I hadn’t been to before.

If you like the sound of Bailey’s adventure, you and your family can join in with Explore Kent’s very own Junior Walking Certificates.

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