Take on the Explore Kent Junior Walking Challenge!

After the success of our long distance walking challenge, Explore Kent have decided to create a walking challenge for kids this summer!

For a kid there is not much more satisfying than completing a new challenge and being rewarded for it!

Mark their achievement with our brand  new Junior Walking Challenge certificates ranging from Bronze (5km), Silver (7.5km) and Gold (10km).

All you need to do to attain one of these certificates is send in proof that your child completed any route of these lengths along with the child’s name and we will email you your certificate. Proof could be a picture of you at the start and end of the route, a recorded GPS tracking of the route you completed, a short video clip on the walk, or a written description of the walk from the child – any one of these will be accepted.

This challenge is also part of the Kent Children’s University (KCU) Summer Challenge! If you are a member of Kent Children’s University then in addition to your certificate you will receive learning credits (1 for Bronze, 2 for Silver and 3 for Gold) which will go towards reaching the maximum 6 credits. Just let us know when you submit your evidence that you’re a member of KCU.

Email your evidence to explorekent@kent.gov.uk

Why not work your way up from bronze certificate all the way to gold this summer? Check out our long distance walking routes and decide which walk you’re going to challenge yourself with next! Here our some examples below for each of the distances.

If these walks are not quite right for you, feel free to take a look over the Explore Kent activities section to see other routes.

If you have any issues or queries regarding the certificate process, feel free to have a look at the challenge certificate privacy notice down below for a full understanding, or you can also email us at explorekent@kent.gov.uk


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