Outdoor Gyms and Why you Should Go to One Today!

Outdoor Gym

1st February 2019

Why join an expensive gym when you can feel the natural earth beneath your feet and breathe the fresh air of an open space into your lungs?

Just those last two things alone – natural earth and fresh air can activate that feel good hormone – dopamine which helps to combat depression and anxiety.  You won’t find either of these things in an indoor gym and it will be burning a hole in your pocket too.

Save your pennies and have a go at using an outdoor gym instead, they are free to use and are found mainly in parks or in the heart of local communities. Often, they’re accompanied by a rather nice view too and you can bring a friend without building up any extra sweat…. or pennies.

Who are these gyms for?

The short answer is everyone! Busy mums, teens and older people. Outdoor gyms are all about helping people whatever age group to stay fit and active.  Why not turn a social occasion into getting more active collectively?

Getting to grips with the equipment

We’ve come across a great app that allows you to watch professional videos on how outdoor gym equipment works and even connects you to other outdoor gym users and communities across the country and allows you to earn rewards by competing with other users. Pretty snazzy right?

If you’re still not sure, the equipment does have instructions on how to use it for those last-minute pangs of doubt – we all get them!

Once you get going through, there will be no looking back – an outdoor gym is surprisingly addictive, and it won’t be long before you’re persuading your friends to lace up their trainers and come along too!

Another great thing about an outdoor gym is that there are often several in larger towns, so if you fancy a change or trying out a new piece of equipment, then you can, the outdoor gym world is your oyster!

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