Take action for a Green 2019

Grass Tunnel

9th January 2019

It’s a new year and it’s time for you to get involved with helping and getting stuck in with the environment. However, nobody ever seems to recognise the beauty of our Earth all year round. It is only when inconvenient ice builds up, and causes catastrophic chaos along the roads, that we are grateful for the temperate weather we have during the rest of the year.

But, why is this? Has nobody gazed outside at the charm of a mild spring morning, or a glowing summer’s eve? Has nobody strolled through a healthy green field, or a wild wood, intrigued by native animals’ lives and lavish flowers? Surely, I am not the only one who admires breezy autumn afternoons, welcoming the crunch of red-orange leaves under my boots, enjoying the crisp, earthly scents carried by the wind.

These are moments when I realise just how lucky I am to live in this wonderful world, so I vow to nurture and protect the planet. I don’t think it’s too much effort; switching off the lights when I leave a room, reusing plastic cups and paper plates, and recycling champagne bottles when my parents have drained them! Then, once a month, my family and I care for the enchanting environment at a community clean up with my neighbourhood. It isn’t a lot – and I’d like to do more – but we sweep leaves onto the grass to continue the natural circle of life, and throw away people’s litter, which is something at least.

I strive to do more for the environment everyday, whether it be using less electricity during the day, or less water at night, I believe we should tend to our delightful Earth. It cares for us, so we must care for it back.

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