First Ever Maidstone Cyclefest – This Weekend!!

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21st September 2016

Maidstone Cyclefest – time to get on your bike!

Proudly sponsored by Cycles UK

Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, no one can deny the cycling excitement that has swept through the UK following the London and Rio Olympics.

People of all ages are taking to the road to experience both the freedom and irrefutable health benefits that regular cycling can bring. Maidstone Borough Council wants to support more cycling in the borough and has partnered up with the Maidstone Cycle Forum and Cycles UK to host the first Maidstone Cyclefest.

Maidstone Cyclefest is sponsored by Cycles UK and will take place on Saturday 24 September in Jubilee Square from 10am – 4pm. The primary objective of the event is to make people aware of existing cycle routes as well as proposed new ones and to encourage best practice when cycling.

Since 2011 Maidstone Cycle Forum has been working with MBC to look at ways to improve existing cycle routes and propose new additions to help make cycling across the borough a far easier and pleasant way to access the county town. Paul Harper, Chair of Maidstone Cycle Forum said: “We are really pleased that Cycles UK has agreed to sponsor the first ever Maidstone Cyclefest and are passionate about making cycling safer and more accessible to all ages.

“We hope residents will come along and take a look at the how we are making Maidstone more cycle friendly and enjoy the range of activities we have planned.”

The event will feature an abundance of exciting things for families and enthusiasts to do and see including:

  • Cycles UK Turbo Time Trial (test your stamina and cycle power)
  • Bike health check
  • Vintage and modern bikes exhibition (Penny Farthing, Bone Shaker, Electric and Olympic bikes plus lots more)
  • Make your own delicious smoothie using pedal power

Come along and enjoy the day and see why ‘getting on your bike’ can be fun, heathy and a fantastic way to get out and about!

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