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What you can do on Public Rights of Way

A day out in the countryside should be a pleasurable experience however, it can become confusing when being confronted by different Public Rights Of Way signs along the way.  This is especially true if you are riding a bike or horse as it can become unclear which PRoW routes you should be using.

Check out our guide to PRoW signage and clear the confusion and make sure that signage confusion doesn’t put a dampener on your day out.

Get your Rights Right!

Always check in advance that the PRoW route you are intending to use is suitable for your chosen activity – walking on all PRoW routes is allowed, however you can’t always ride a bike or a horse along them and vehicle access is restricted further still.  Always consult an up to date map such as an Ordnance Survey map of your route before setting off.

To make sure your day out in the countryside is a brilliant one, check out the countryside code before you head out – it contains loads of useful information that you might not have thought about.

Know Your Rights of Way!

The guidance in the PRoW Routes is aimed for 4×4 and motorbike drivers as well as horse riders.  Check out the links below as this guidance may apply to you if you are planning to ride a horse or use a motorised vehicle on a PRoW route.

The guidance is not aimed specifically to walkers who are able to use any PRoW route.

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