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Britain’s biggest and best-preserved Napoleonic Fort, step back in history at Fort Amherst.

  • Half a day
  • Prices vary
  • Guided tour
  • Chatham

Britain’s biggest and best-preserved Napoleonic Fort, step back in history at Fort Amherst.

With over 300 years of history Fort Amherst was one of the key defences of Britain and Medway and has now been restored for all to enjoy.  Whether you wish to discover the importance of defending Britain against land-based attack during the Napoleonic War or learn how the Fort was used during both World Wars, Fort Amherst truly does step through the ages.

Fort Amherst has over 20 acres of green spaces, including Medway’s highest point, which are all free of charge to explore at your leisure.  Alternatively join us for a daily tunnel tour*, exploring this once secret network of tunnels and how they have been used through the ages up to the present, having been included in several major films.

Come and discover how the tunnels were used during Napoleonic times for shelter, storage and defence.

Also, discover the strategic role that the tunnels of Fort Amherst played during World War II as a base of operations.


Fort Amherst welcome visitors with disabilities and regret that, due to its age, historical layout and the terrain, Fort Amherst is not accessible in all areas for all people.

Parking: accessible parking available at the visitor centre / café.

Toilets: accessible toilet is available at the visitor centre / café. Please note café closing times.

Tunnels: unfortunately, the tunnels are unsuitable for wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility.

Fort Amherst Grounds: please note there are steps, steep inclines and uneven ground in places. Call 01634 847 747 for further information.

Access to Fort Amherst: accessible by car via Barrack Hill off Dock Road Chatham. Also accessible by foot from Maxwell Road Brompton, from the Great Lines Heritage Park by the Naval Memorial, and from Barrier Road Chatham.

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