Houses alongside river

Kent is home to an abundance of rivers, so is an amazing place to explore for those who love nothing more than a gentle riverside walk. From the Royal Military Canal to the River Medway we are spoilt for choice on where to wander along to enjoy some blue space.

Areas of blue space or rivers not only give a tranquil feel and really relax you; they also have great benefits for your mental health and wellbeing. Spending time near water can significantly increase your physical activity levels as well as lowering stress and anxiety.

With this in mind, we want to share with you some of the best riverside walks in Kent for you to enjoy for your mental health and wellbeing or even just to enjoy with your loved ones or family.

Make sure to look out for all the beautiful river wildlife and nature as well!

Here are some of our top picks...

Whilst adventuring on one of these wonderful walks, why not become a riverside expert and use this spotter guide to help you to identify what wildlife you may be seeing! At this time of year, you will be sure to spot dragonflies, bees, mallard ducks and much more.

You could also download and use the Wildlife Watch River Bird Spotter which you can take on your riverside adventures to help you identify the different species of birds you may be spotting!

If you do not fancy any of those walks, you can also find more, over on the Explore Kent Activity page! Similarly, you can download the Kent Connected app for free on your smartphone and download and follow plenty of riversides walks near you!

We hope you enjoy following alongside Kent’s stunning blue spaces, make sure to make the most of the stunning scenery and make sure to respect the environment!

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