Spring Clean – Keeping Kent Tidy

22nd March 2023

Spring is here which means time spent outdoors will be a popular occurrence. Spring is a wonderful time of the year with the sun shining, flowers blossoming, hearing children play and listening to the birds tweeting away.

Now is the perfect time to be extra careful when it comes to littering our beautiful Kent countryside. There are so many amazing benefits to keeping our green and blue spaces clean as the more beautiful our surroundings look the more appreciation we have from being outdoors. Take a look below at ways you can help keep litter off our land and the amazing benefits of doing so.

How to protect the environment

• Take your litter home and leave no trace of your visit
• Don’t light fires and only have BBQs where signs say you can
• Always keep dogs under control and in sight
• Dog poo – bag it and bin it – any public waste bin will do
• Care for nature – try not to cause damage or disturbance

Benefits of keeping tidy

1. Improved air quality: Keeping greenspace clean helps to reduce air pollution by removing pollutants from the environment. This can help to improve air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses.

2. Reduced water pollution: Keeping bluespace clean helps to reduce water pollution by preventing runoff from entering nearby bodies of water. This can help to protect aquatic life and improve water quality.

3. Improved mental health: Spending time in nature has been linked to improved mental health, and keeping greenspace clean can help to create a more inviting environment for people to enjoy.

4. Increased biodiversity: Keeping green and blue space clean can help to promote biodiversity by providing a safe habitat for wildlife and plants. This can help to maintain healthy ecosystems and support a variety of species in the area.

If you are looking to take a step further and help your local community The Great British Spring Clean 2023 is here and you can pledge to pick up a bag of litter from 17th March to 2nd April. This year they will be focusing on the pride of #LitterHeroes have for their local community.

If you would like to get involved, contact your local council who may be able to lend you litter picking equipment and collect the waste at the end of your litter pick.

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