8 Wellbeing Tips To Get You Through Lockdown

12th January 2021

It is without any doubt that all of us will be struggling with something at the moment. Whether it be with stress, anxiety over the unknown, frustration… I could go on. As an individual we must remember that, for once, everyone is living through these strange times. Whilst us humans are busy battling this lockdown, the natural world is continuing to survive and thrive. What can the natural world do for us? Well, the power of nature is something to be in awe of! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful and diverse county in England. Wherever you are in Kent you are never too far from the outside world, even if it is just your garden! Get outside and let nature embrace you, calm your mind, walk, run or cycle, release those positive endorphins into your body and your mind starting to calm. You’ll start to want more and more…


8 Wellbeing Tips

  1. Stay connected with people you feel comfortable with.

    Start up a voice note conversation with a friend, hear their voice, their laughter. It’s much easier to feel connected to someone when you hear their voice, rather than just reading their words on a text message. Take the opportunity to see a close friend or family member, who live close to you, when you head outside for your walk, run or cycle. Seeing someone’s face and being in the company of someone you feel comfortable around will instantly feed your positivity. Even more so if you are both outside in the fresh air exercising, whether that be a casual stroll or a set route. Remember to: social distance and only stay local though please.


  1. Take the opportunity to go outside once a day.

    Because we are faced with little option but to spend so much time at home at the moment why not grab this opportunity with both hands. Use this time to make sure you do venture outside once a day and explore what is on your doorstep. Whether it be wandering down footpaths along your road and discovering where they end up. Going to your local woods or starting to plan your garden for the spring.


  1. Plan a new route once a week and go explore.

    Admit it, sometimes walking the same routes can get slightly dull. So on a day when you have a bit more time on your hands, why not find a completely new route to try. Now is the absolute perfect time to discover new hidden gems. Use our partnered Kent Connected App to find a walking or cycling route near you.


  1. Look after your body.

    It is vital that during this period of uncertainty and anxiety that we look after our bodies. We need to make sure that our bodies are healthy and active to give ourselves the best chance of fighting off any unwanted viruses, coughs or colds. Keep your body healthy by exercising it, get your heart rate pumping in whatever way you can. Or get your heart pumping by doing some housework, you’d be surprised at how warm you can get pushing a hoover around! Why not try the Everyday Active Challenge this January? Track your activities whatever they may be, collect points and be in with a chance of winning prizes.


  1. Help your mind and mental health.

    All of us will have different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety and that is okay. It’s important to recognise when we are feeling stressed or down. Sometimes you may not want to do anything about it – ride it out. However on other occasions remember to do things that make you feel positive, it may be talking to a friend or getting outside, doing some gardening. It has been proved that eco therapy such as embracing the outdoors and interacting with nature can help with anxiety and depression.


  1. Switch it up.

    Instead of watching the news, switch it off. Step outside your front door and listen to nature, watch the waves and smell the fresh air. Listen or watch something a bit more down to earth and natural. Watch the waves crash along the shoreline, smell the fresh air or listen to the stillness of the woods, maybe even a bird or two if you are lucky.


  1. Do things you enjoy.

    This may sound obvious but remember to do things that you enjoy. Take the time to realise what makes you feel positive and happier. Whether that be reading a book, trying out some new recipes, or old ones! Going out and taking photographs of the sunsets – some of them this winter have been stunning. Setting yourself a walking goal for the week, learning about Nordic Walking, grabbing a coffee from your favourite café. Getting creative, whatever it be – make sure you make time for it.


  1. Set yourself a routine.

    Whilst we are all spending a lot more time at home during this period it is important to make sure you have a routine to follow. Such as setting an alarm each morning, getting up and making a healthy breakfast. A morning walk by yourself, the dog or to meet a local friend. If you are working from home set yourself up in a working space away from your bedroom if you can. Why not bring a splash of green to your working space with some indoor plants. In addition to them being air purifiers it has been proven that green office with plants can help you be more productive and even creative!

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