Sophie’s Year of Green Action Challenge!


10th February 2020

Doing the Year of Green Action challenges has made me feel happy that I helped the environment. I like helping the environment to protect animals and stop them from dying unnecessarily.


Taking part in both the beach clean and the Milton Creek Country Park Creek clean made me feel sad that there is lots of litter around. People should take litter to the nearest bin or even better take it home it will look nicer for everyone. Recycle and stop plastic ending up in the sea! If a bin is full, find another recycle bin.

My favourite green activities were the Nature Journal as it is interesting seeing the garden change throughout the seasons. I liked the spring when blossom grew on the trees because it looked petty.

I liked helping in the garden and seeing how high my sunflowers would grow. I think they got really tall as that’s where the cat used to go to the toilet!

I liked the Zog trail at Jeskyns Country Park so I could spend time with my friend outside.  I enjoy looking around the fairy trail in case I see a fairy. I like that every year the trails change.  I did the Shaun the Sheep trail this year which was fun. I also liked making the bird box and frog abode as I like painting.

The Junior Explore Kent Challenge walks I thought was fun and tiring. My favourite walk was the Ramsgate to Pegwell bay walk. I liked walking past the Viking ship and seeing the sea.

I think that if everybody made a few changes such as taking a water bottle out with them instead of buying a drink and throwing the bottle away and making sure you take your own bags when shopping that together we could help reduce the plastic problem. So that less plastic gets In sea making it a better planet.

I plan to help in the back garden again this year, planting some more sunflowers. I saved some sunflower seeds from the one’s last year. I hope they are even bigger.

Thank you to Kent Children’s university for the challenges and learning hours.

By Sophie Friday, Aged 7.

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