It’s Marathon Season – Are You In?


25th April 2019

With the world-renowned London Marathon on April 28th 2019 being a bigger hit than ever this hopefully motivated and inspired you to compete in one of the many races across Kent in the year ahead.

This marathon enticed runners all over the globe, each having their own personal reasons and challenges to compete the gruelling 26.2-mile route. Friends, family and annual spectators where out in full force supporting the competitors aiding their support throughout whilst getting to on look at some of London’s greatest attractions and monuments.

 Try your own local marathon!

Kent has a strong list of marathons and distance runs/walks over the course of this year already confirmed with many more expected; so why not give one a try? Each of the routes are open to all types of challengers, whether they prefer to walk or run the choice is entirely yours with the same sense of reward once you pass the finish line. On top of this you have the choice to take this task on at the distance which suits you, with several options available from a 10km reaching all the way to a 37-mile ultra-marathon at some events.

Training for the events

There are multiple ways to train for a marathon, each having different benefits on your bodies and performance on the journey to your event. This also relates to Kent Sport’s everyday active campaign which is all about making moves everyday to improve your health and happiness. A great start would be signing up to parkrun who organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They have events all across the country making it easier for you to travel to at little to no cost. As well as this they keep a tracker of your recent and past performances so you are able to make a comparison on your progress. Another scheme to help would be Couch25k which has been put into place so people who are complete beginners are able to reach 5km after 9 weeks with a set out plan which can be downloaded and tracks your progress. This is a helpful tool as it allows you train wherever is convenient for you and still be able to monitor your progress.

Here are a few of the upcoming events!

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