**Blogging Adventures** The French Londoner Visits Thanet!

establishing shot of beach

13th September 2017

I like to remind myself sometimes that England is not necessarily only made of London.  I got invited to a hike on the bank holiday weekend and could not make it.  I thought it would be a pity not to go try it before the end of the summer.  I convinced my friend Maha, who’s very much a city girl, to give it a go, and so did we.

We took a southeastern service to Ramsgate, where we had a walk in the city centre before heading to the sea front to start our coastal walk.  We were surprised with how blue the water was there and how exotic this little town looked under the shining sun.  The harbour felt like a peace haven, and there is just something about boats that makes me feel like floating on a cloud of happiness!

The walk can be done either on sea level (by the beach front) or there is also a higher path on the cliff.  We decided to do a little bit of both and we enjoyed some very picturesque views!

After an hour or two of walking, we decided to stop in Broadstairs Harbour to have lunch. There was many places to choose from, but they all had something in common: they served a classic fish and chips.  We decided to have lunch at the Pavillon.  We both went for the steamed mussels, accompanied by some fresh prawns.

I wish I had known about this area before!  It is such a nice little getaway trip when you live in London.  Our train ticket was £22.60 to get there, which is a bargain considering the fun we had.

It is so refreshing to be able to see other landscapes without leaving England.  I am sure there must be many other places worth visiting in England, but what I mean is that we can get very overwhelmed by our London lifestyles some days…  I just love knowing that this piece of heaven is just a couple of hours away.

If you would like to know more about this walk, you can check out the full description here.

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