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The Enchanted Woodland is open all day, every day and is free for everybody of all ages to enjoy. Ideal whether you are just taking a stroll, riding your bike or offering your time as a volunteer, there are often plenty of activities going on in the park.

A community group provides curriculum-based activities in an alternative natural setting, offering flexible programmes of learning that promote self-awareness and self-confidence, giving children space in which to explore their natural surroundings, with the aim of encouraging relaxation, vitality and a true sense of well-being.

The Woodland is set on land with little or no gradient. The paths are natural earth, some with woodchip. The width restrictor gates at each entrance allow for wheelchairs, push bikes and double buggies but exclude motor bikes. There are no stiles. Dogs are welcome, and bins are provided at each entrance.

Easy access information

This park and open space has at least one accessible route but otherwise is considered to be less suitable for visitors with pushchairs and/or wheelchairs.

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