Kingsdown to Walmer
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Route type
2.2 mi3.54 km
Distance from train station
1.5 mi
Start postcode
CT14 7LJ
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The Kingsdown to Walmer walk ambles along the King Charles III England Coast Path, leaving Deal behind. This walk creates a great afternoon out with pubs, tearooms and Walmer Castle to visit along the way.


Walmer is thought to be the site of Julius Caesar’s landing in Kent in 54 and 55 BC. Walmer Castle, built in the shape of the tudor rose by Henry VIII is now conserved by English Heritage. The official residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in the 18th century, the Duke of Wellington resided here for 23 years, where he later died. You can see his original wellington boots if you decide to visit the castle.

The Kingsdown to Walmer walk leads you on a path heads up the slopes of the Downs to Hawkshill Freedown. This  public area of open grassland with outstanding views across the surrounding countryside and the English Channel. On a clear day, you can clearly see the French coast. Hawkshill was once a World War I aerodrome and there is a memorial to the brave pilots who flew from here and were killed fighting in the skies over France.

Make a day of it

Returning from Kingsdown to Walmer you’ll walk along the coast following the famous Saxon Shore Way and the King Charles III England Coast Path. You can extend this walk either way to explore Kingsdown Woods. Or explore Deal where you can while away an afternoon in the quirky shops and eateries of this trendy town.

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Step by step guide

From the car park near Walmer Castle, follow the path towards the beach and turn right on the surfaced path that runs along the sea front.

After passing Walmer Castle on your right, turn right to follow waymarker arrows across a grassy area towards the road.

Cross the road and follow footpath up gentle slope, running to side of house.

On reaching the end of the path, it opens out into an area of open access land known as Hawkshill Freedown. From here, turn left along the boundary on the left hand side following a grassy path. There are numerous opportunities along this stretch to take a rest on one of the benches and take in some great sea views. You are not restricted to follow any particular path across Hawkshill Freedown as it is an area of open access land, so feel free to explore the area.

Continue through gap, following waymarker arrows. On your immediate right there is a small war memorial. Follow the enclosed path bordered by hedges. Again, there are good views across the rolling countryside and to the sea beyond.

At this point the path opens out into a field. Follow path downhill towards the road. Near the bottom the path takes you through a gap and into an area of woodland.

Continue along the woodland path and bear left at a large tree. Turn left along a surfaced alleyway and follow downhill for around 100 metres before passing through cycle barriers and onto Cliff Road, in Kingsdown.

Cross road into Boundary Road and head towards the sea front. At the end of Boundary Road, turn left, following signs to join a surfaced path on the Saxon Shore Way. Along this section there are some great sea views and many places to access the beach.

Continue following the path along the Saxon Shore Way, the path here changes to become a combined cycle path and walkway. Up ahead, there is an excellent view of Walmer Castle on your left as you retrace your steps back to the car park where you started.

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