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Darenth Woods, which covers an area of around 300 acres, is a nationally important Site of Special Scientific Interest, as well as being a tranquil spot to enjoy walking through a wild expanse of a variety of semi-natural ancient woodland types. The woods are famous for supporting some rare insects, including two nationally rare beetles which live in dead or dying oak timber. The chalk soil on the lower slopes also supports oaks and hornbeam coppice woodland (the coppicing of hornbeam here dates back 400 years), which is again rare in the UK. A more acidic type of woodland can be found on the clay and sandy soil overlaying the chalk plateau, while the woods are unusual for housing a wide range of chalk loving shrubs like dogwood. Besides its importance as a conservation site, Darenth Woods is also valuable for the sensation it gives to those walking through – that of truly being out in the wilderness.

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This park and open space contains uneven trails, un-surfaced or narrow pathways. Also, there are width restricting features, such as stiles and narrow gaps making it difficult for visitors with pushchairs and/or wheelchairs to access some parts of the site.

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