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Tourism consultancy for the active outdoors

One of the main reasons tourists come to Kent is to explore the outdoors. Explore Kent provide tourism consultancy to rural destinations such as hamlets, villages and small towns to help them tell the world what wonderful places there are to explore in the Garden of England.

What we do

Rural destinations in Kent make up the wonderful stops on a walk, the delicious pub lunches, the farmers’ markets and the tranquil places to stay.

Developing and promoting well marked, maintained trails are crucial to encouraging more people to discover your area. But doing it responsibly is a priority and so we always work with a sustainable tourism approach. When creating plans for an area, local factors such as; the existing footfall in the area, traffic conditions, existing and potential access points, and heritage interests are key considerations. We believe places should be established with the future in mind…

How we approach active tourism consultancy

Working directly with Kent County Council’s Public Rights of Way team and Visit Kent we effectively position and promote your destination for the active outdoors. Whether your priority is tourism, landscape, heritage or health, we can help.

With experience working on a range of projects the Explore Kent approach is tailored to fit your aims and budget best. No matter how big or small, active tourism consultancy can include;

  • Active destination marketing
  • Active destination management plans
  • Stakeholder setup/management
  • Audience development
  • Evaluation of outcomes
  • Demonstration of return on investment

…and we don’t just work in Kent, if you’re interested in developing an outdoor offer for your area, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

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