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Breeze Cycling

5th August 2016

We’re not all destined to cycle down the road streamlined and with skill to better Bradley Wiggins – the fact of the matter is, most of us are more likely to enjoy a nice leisurely cycle along a picturesque cycle trail – occasionally we might up the game a little and take on a hill or two. However cycling is not always a ‘breeze’ with women in particular finding it a daunting prospect to either begin cycling or return to cycling after some time out.  The thought of balancing on a bike or even the thought of getting on and off a bike safely can be a huge barrier between taking part in a cycling activity or passing by the opportunity.

This is where Breeze comes in – our resident Breeze group leader Charlotte describes how proud she is of the women who come along to her groups and the enjoyment she gets from seeing other women start to enjoy cycling especially after overcoming confidence issues.  As a new Breeze leader, we find out first hand the dedication and commitment to cycling that Breeze leaders have and we hope that you might be inspired to come along to Mote Park in Maidstone and join in yourself.

I am very proud of the women who took part

Charlotte says – So we’ve now led our first Breeze ride. I was joined by another Breeze ride leader who I did my training with and we are planning our routes and leading as a pair at the moment.  We were so pleased with the turnout- we had 8 ladies come along to take part, and all enjoyed a lovely loop around Mote Park together. We had a mix of ability, but as the ride was aimed at those wanting to return to cycling after a while or build their confidence, everyone was happy to go at a steady relaxed pace.  On the two hills a few would cycle to the top whilst the rest would of the group would gently walk up.

The benefit of going as a group of women was that there was no shortage of conversation and we all made new friends. I am very proud of the women who took part, a few of them had been nervous to get out on their bikes on their own after health problems or injuries and others just hadn’t picked their bike up since having children.  Everyone went away feeling very pleased and having had a great start to their Sunday morning.

Join Charlotte on the next Breeze ride on Sunday 4th September.  We’d love to hear how you get on!

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