Raising Awareness For Arthritis 14th-21st May

From the 14th – 21st May 2019 the support of helping people either with the condition or those who have little understanding of the difficulties what living with Arthritis may encounter are shared in a week long campaign. This campaign is called ‘Arthritis Care Awareness Week‘ and it is a UK based event which highlights the work of Arthritis Care, a charity which supports this event. Arthritis is a condition marked by painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. There are many types of arthritis which can affect a person in different ways.

One of the many ways for people to tackle arthritis and enjoy life to the full even when the condition reaches its hardest moments is through physical activity. Exercises of a low-impact are recommended for people with arthritis as these will put less stress on each of the joints affected. Good examples for this type of exercise would be swimming and cycling as these both allow you to work above the normal recommendations of training as well as pushing into the vigorous areas of training with no injury. Other good examples would be walking, outdoor gyms and yoga each of these will cost nothing, they are simple and seem to very effective.

We believe no matter what the problem being active everyday is one of the greatest assets to living a happy life. Our program everyday active will allow you to find groups or events which may support your personal needs and give a sense of welcome to why exercise is so key to helping us in life.



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