Make The Most Of Summer 2019!

Whether it’s the school holidays, or a much needed holiday from work, Kent has a host of places where you can keep active and make memories visiting over this period. Summer time is the perfect opportunity for friends and families to get together and enjoy some timeless moments in the sunshine. 

Kent has something for everyone this summer with a whole host of activities, events and landmarks waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for a challenging walk, trying the White Cliffs festival could be your best bet. However if this seems like too much, we have a range of smaller route activities fit for the runners, bikers and walkers of Kent.

Trying something new, getting into the fitness spirit or applying your mind to a challenge might not always be easy, but this summer there is plenty of options to go about changing this. For people looking to get involved with social fitness groups this month, for example the Parkrun or HSBC Breeze campaigns, they offer free group sessions where you can meet people who have a range of abilities compared to one another. If you are looking to take an individual approach, the Kent Connected App is a great way to record your progress over a period of time and help you achieve your goals. For more information on this, and why cycling in Kent is a great step for a better and healthier life, take a look at our Summer of Cycling page.

Thanks to the beautiful countryside that Kent provides it’s home to multiple Country Parks, all filled with exciting wildlife and memorable views. On top of this each hold their own discovery and challenge events over the summer waiting to be explored! If this interests you click on the button below and see what Kent’s Country Parks have to offer.

If you are looking to add some additional challenges to your summer and would relish a sense of reward for completing them, then make sure you apply for one of our personalised certificates! For this summer we have also created a brand NEW children’s certificate for our personalised walks ranging from Bronze (5km), Silver (7.5km) and Gold (10km).

We can’t forget everyone’s favourite summer destination, the beach! Kent is home to various shingle and sand beaches, each having their own special history. If you have a family favourite or classic beach that you like to visit, or are looking for more of an unknown beach to visit this year we have picked out the best we can possibly find. Hidden or favourites there is a pick for everyone.

If you want to add some excitement to your coastal trips have a go at our Explore Kent Coast Challenge and see how many of the activities you can complete. Send in your experiences to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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