Summer is here and you are most likely looking forward to your holidays and planning days out over the period. And if you want to get your dose of vitamin D for the year, you should make a beach trip your first port of call!

You may think you have heard of all the best beaches that Kent has to offer, but in high season these can become overcrowded at times. Giving one of our alternative beaches a try might be the right choice.

There are those beaches across Kent that are either underutilised or just not really known about, but once you discover them, you’ll see that each have inviting features. But shush, don’t let in we told you!

A mixture of sand, shingle and rock pool beaches are available, so there are plenty of options, along with a range of water sports if you’re looking for a bit more adventure. Many make the perfect spot to take in the views and get some morning fresh air. If you’re looking to relax, look out from the cliffs at The Warren beach and admire the sea views.

In addition most of the beaches are dog friendly over the course of the year – but remember to clean up after it and of course, yourselves too! We all want to enjoy pristine beaches which are havens for our wonderful sealife, so remember take only photographs and leave only footprints.

When visiting a beach this summer don’t forget the #2minutebeachclean. This campaign promotes taking 2 minutes of your time to remove the plastic and waste left on the beaches. Not only is this a rewarding action to do, it will also ensure that the beaches stay clear for the foreseeable future keeping wildlife and animals safe from the risk. For further information regarding this fantastic campaign take a look on the #2minutebeachclean website.



Top 6 Hidden Beaches!

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