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Join Up To Workplace Challenge Today

Join Up To Workplace Challenge Today

Companies and organisations are invited to take part in the ‘Workplace Challenge‘.

The aim of the programme is to promote sport, physical activity and health improvements across the UK’s workplaces.

Sign up to record your sport and physical activity online and receive points – and points make prizes!  But it’s not all about winning, ‘spot prizes’ are offered during the national 8 week activity log challenge, as part of a draw simply by taking part.  You’ll also find loads of information about events in your area, competitions and the latest news and you can sign up to the annual Kent & Medway Business Games, this year to include a ‘It’s a Knock-Out style Splash Challenge’.

The health recommendation is that we try to get up and walk about every half hour, even if only to get a new glass of water, or to do a circuit of the stairs or depot or to the printer!

• 33% of adult men in England are not active enough for good health, for women it is 45%.
• 40% of women spend more than six hours a day sitting at work, for men it is 35%
• Being sedentary (physical inactivity) directly contributes to 1 in 6 deaths in the UK, the same as smoking

So get up, challenge yourself and consider moving more, whether to and from work, getting off a bus stop earlier, a lunchtime walk with colleagues, a weekend walk with the family, a walk to the shops, a walk to and from school with the children, perhaps even a walk to the cinema or local pub… there are lots of opportunities to Get Up & Get Active.

Check out our Activities Pages for information and inspiration on walking, cycling and much more, in the beautiful outdoors that we have in Kent.

And be sure to visit Kent Sport – Active At Work for loads of great ideas on how to active in the workplace.

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