Get The Pedals Turning For Bike Week 2019

It’s back! Bike Week returns for 2019 and is once again delivered by Cycling UK. This week showcases everything good for cycling and why we should get involved. Riding a bike can easily be a part of everyday life and Bike Week is here to inspire people all over the UK to give cycling a try. 

Health Benefits

The health benefits of cycling can be significant, and and ultimately change the way you live your life. Mental health is an ongoing issue and finding ways to prevent the problem from happening and getting worse comes differently to each individual. However, cycling seems to be a key activity in reducing problems. Getting outside in the fresh air is a good way to clear your head, and is proven to ease anxiety. Cycling is the perfect activity for people looking to do a low impact but highly responsive exercise. To find out more health benefits take a look on the better health website.

Environmental Benefits

The benefits of cycling are not only for the cyclist but also for everyone else and the environment. Cycling reduces pollutants in the air which can be a real threat to health and the climate. Motorised vehicles are the main source of seven out of eight of the major pollutants that the government is trying to reduce under its Air Quality Strategy.

Kent Connected is a great source of information for everything cycling and one of their main features is the journey planner, which gives you a good idea of why cycling is the perfect alternative.

Social Benefits

Cycling is an incredibly sociable activity. Joining a cycling club or group is an excellent way to grow your social circle and if you’re new to riding it’s the perfect opportunity to ride with people on the same experience level, comparing your progress over a period of time. If this is not a move you’d be looking to take it’s still a great activity to do with friends and families as this is not an activity which limits anybody and is open to all levels.

Take a look at what happened when Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell-Shand joined a Breeze ride – British Cycling programme of free group rides for women.

If you can’t get enough of bike week and you’ve been inspired to get involved yourself then Kent County Council’s ‘Adult Cycle Training’- is worth a look. There are options for every skill level, with all the sessions filled with people in the same position as you. If you’re just looking to improve your confidence or overall ability in cycling the qualified instructors on hand are your best bet.

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