Kent is blessed to have a variety of amazing woodlands and forest and we thought it would be great to share some of Kent best forests and woodlands, the benefits of being surrounded by a forest, as well as some activities to enjoy in forests and woodlands!

Forests are places to seek adventure, make memories and find an escape, not forgetting how great forests are for your mental health and wellbeing!

Kent has some stunning woodlands and forests, but you do not need to travel far to find some woodland or forestry areas, so on your daily walk have a look for some wooded areas to explore.

Although we should be staying local, we still want to share with you some of Kent’s best woodland and forest here…

Forests and woodlands can be a great way to discover new species of tress and wildlife you may have never seen before! Using some fun and exciting activities and identification packs you can become a forests and woodland expert!

We hope you enjoy exploring your local woodland and forests whilst using the fun activity sheets!

Have you ever tried forest bathing? If not, why not try it out today in celebration of forestry day and reap the relaxation and wellbeing benefits of it! Read our blog to find out why you should forest bathe today!

If you are struggling to find some local forest or woodlands to walk and explore through, why not use the Kent Connected app to find some on your doorstep.

Make sure to make the most out of the amazing scenery of a forest and woodland, and also make sure to stay safe and local!

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