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Learn traditional Indian cooking techniques and tools — in the heart of Kent’s woodlands! Guided by your experienced host, Sunita, you’ll learn how to follow ancient recipes to make delicious wood-fired chapatis and lentil dahl, as you take in the mindful surroundings of the woods.

  • Sittingbourne

Take to the Kent woodlands and learn authentic, rustic Indian cooking over an open fire. Your experienced host, Sunita, has been cooking up beautiful Indian dishes for over 30 years, but she believes the best delicacies are the ones that go back to basics; using local ingredients, hand made and cooked over an open fire, as done by the generations of family before her. The art of chapatti making has almost disappeared from India, as modern chefs take to gas or electric stoves.

What better way to revive these ancient skills than to get involved yourself: making chapatis to an old family recipe over a ‘chuhla’ — the traditional clay ovens of India. Sunita will guide you through making chapatti dough and rolling the breads, and as the dough sets, you’ll also learn how to make a delicious lentil dahl — a recipe you can impress with no matter where you are in the world.

You can also have a go at making stuffed chapatis – with delicious fillings like spiced potatoes and grated cauliflower, all from Sunita’s rich knowledge. After enjoying a truly rustic meal in the ambient woodlands, there’ll be plenty more to explore.

Your group could take a mindful walk over to Gorham Wood, a fifth-century church steeped in history. Leave with new skills, new friends, and a unique recipe card so that you can take a little bit of India home with you.

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