Raise money for our historic Churches and Chapels in and around Kent by sponsorship, either cycling or walking around the Churches in Kent.

  • From 9am

Ride & Stride For Churches

The aim of the Ride and Stride is to raise money for our historic Churches and Chapels in and around Kent by sponsorship, either cycling or walking around the Churches in Kent, this event actually started in Suffolk in 1982 and now 36 Counties take part all on the same day and in Kent alone at least 745 Churches and Chapels will be involved, all together over £32million has been raised nationally.

This event also helps and encourages those of that like to keep fit, in fact the more people from outside the church congregation that take part the more successful the event will be in raising interest and support for our heritage of church buildings, all denominations are welcome.

The person being sponsored chooses which Church or Chapel they wish their 50% of funds raised to go to and the remaining 50% goes to the Friends of Kent Churches who use the funds to help the most needy Churches and Chapels in use.

Check out www.friendsofkentchurches.co.uk and then the link in to the Ride and Stride , where those that wish to enter can download their sponsorship form or use the Just Giving page, also there is a Parish representative who can provide forms as well.

Event organiser, Carolyn Millen can be contacted on 01622 843383 or carolyn.millen@virginmedia.com.

£137000 was raised last year , but there are loads of Churches out there that need help repairing the fabric of their buildings.

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