Quex Park FireWork Display 2019

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Explore Kent
2nd Nov 2019
3pm - 9pm

This amazing event and the display will be rocking the sounds on the ’80s, they will be playing various music videos and tunes iconic to the ’80s throughout the whole event.

The Bonfire is to be lit at 6:45 pm, so be sure to grab you burgers and toffee apple and warm up around the bonfire as you indulge in all of the bonfire’s best treats!

With 2 displays, one being at 6 pm and one at 7:50 pm, it is very suitable for all families either with younger children or older! The first display at 6 pm being unaccompanied with music it is very child-friendly if the little ones are scared or nervous about loud noises, whereas, the second display at 7:50 pm is all singing all dancing, set to the Rock artists of the ’80s such as; Phil Collins, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Aerosmith and many more!

Quex Park

Park Lane

Birchington, Kent



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