Study Day – Phase 1 Habitat Survey Part 2

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21st Jun 2019

This day is aimed at professional ecologists, students and interested amateurs who are already familiar with Phase 1 habitat survey basics as covered in ‘Introduction to Phase 1 Habitat Survey course – Part 1’ or those familiar with basic Phase 1 who want to learn more about identification of key indicator plant species for different habitat types.

Following on from the site visit to acid grassland, mire, heathland and woodland habitats in Part 1, Part 2 offers a whole day in the field looking at a variety of other habitats.

These habitats will include chalk grassland and a range of neutral grassland types from unimproved lowland meadow to rank grassland and other vegetation types to allow for a range of phase 1 habitats and their indicator plants to be experienced.

Outline for the day:

10.00 Marden meadow for lowland meadow (unimproved neutral grassland) and some other habitats.

11.30-12.00 Travel to Yalding

12.00 -13.00 Semi-improved neutral and other grassland habitats at Yalding Lees

13.30 Lunch in traditional orchard and quick look around Yalding Fen habitats

14.00-14.30 Travel to Coldrum Longbarrow car park and short walk to site

14.30  Explore chalk grassland habitat and key indicator species on the North Downs at Trosley.

16.00 End

By the end of the session, it is expected that participants will:

  • Learn to identify some key indicator plant species to help distinguish different grassland habitats
  • Be able to distinguish different broad habitat types for Phase 1
  • Improve quality of target notes for survey reports
  • Improve general plant ID skills

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