Have you gone batty? Discover what bats are flying in your Orchard.

  • 7.15pm - 9.15pm
  • Hucking

Going Batty Walk

VENUE: Hucking Orchard, Maidstone

For more information please call 01303 815170 or email mail@kentdowns.org.uk


The Orchard

Hucking is a very small village which sits on top of the Kent Downs with just a few houses, a church and public house. Hasted mentioned the woodland which reached nearly to the church still does but not in its original form. With much grubbing in the 80’s the Woodland Trust have replanted and courtesy to them they have embraced Hucking’s vision to have a community orchard at the back of the houses.

The first planting filled part of the field and during 2015, a further phase of planting took place by the community. On this occasion, apple trees were planted to celebrate the life of a local fruit breeder, Hugh Ermen who spent his life working for the National Fruit Collections now based at Brogdale. Hugh had raised many varieties of apples over the last thirty years that brought him considerable fame in fruit circles and with the wider public. Red Devil was his first success, followed by Winter Gem, then Limelight, Herefordshire Russet, Scrumptious, Sweet Society and more, as well as two ornamental apples – Laura and White Star. Hucking community orchard is honoured to grow all but Limelight and the ornamental apples however; there is still space for a further planting.

This small community orchard is well protected from the inclement weather afforded the area where once to the North of the parish, Laxton’s Superb apple was grown. This is an amazing place to engage with the flora and fauna high on the chalk downs still grazed with sheep and serenaded by the amazing bird life of the woods and pastures. Take a stroll round the estate taking in the woodland, orchard and fields; stop for a moment to take in the magnificent views and discover the veteran trees, flowers, droveways and the most beautiful rides and glades.

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