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Learn about our garden birds and how to make your garden a haven for our feathered friends. Discuss nesting habits, attractive garden features, different foods, and more

  • 10:30am - 16:00pm
  • £33
  • Sevenoaks

On this course we will be promoting the kinds of plants, structures and design of features that can be added to your typical or average garden, including pond design and which shrubs or climbers are most likely to attract nesting or roosting birds.  The course will also cover feeder hygiene in addition to feeder types, the cleaning of bird boxes and bird baths, and other artificial features and their essential care.

The day will begin with a welcome and introduction to the day, followed by a discussion on our garden birds, behaviour & how birds use your garden.

After lunch, we will be discussing garden design: creating your own bird reserve, followed by a discussion on nest boxes & providing food.  At the end of the day there will be a chance to ask any questions that you have.

By the end of the session it is expected that you will have:

  • Gained confidence in identifying our garden birds and their behaviour.
  • Understand what garden features can be advantageous for birds and what you can plant for birds in your garden
  • Understand where garden birds nest, what our garden birds eat and how you can help

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