Dust off your boots, trainers or pedals to welcome in Spring with the Annual Catha’s Seat Picnic.

  • 1pm - 3pm
  • Ashford

Annual Catha’s Seat Picnic

Dust off your boots, trainers or pedals to welcome in Spring with the Annual Catha’s Seat Picnic.

Saturday 30th April welcomes the third annual Catha’s Seat Picnic when all are invited to travel by foot or bicycle from the surrounding villages, towns, and further afield to congregate on a stunning destination overlooking the Stour Valley and Chilham Castle.  This remote, quiet place on National Cycle Route 18 and the Stour Valley Walk is known as Catha’s Seat, and features two handcrafted solid oak benches with in-built cycle parking.  Between 1pm and 3pm the gathered will enjoy their picnics and some light live music from the fantastic Ashford Folk Community, hot off the heels of a tour to Germany!

This place is named after Catharine ‘Catha’ Keegan, a dedicated cycling campaigner who lived in Wye and who was involved in planning the Ashford to Canterbury section of National Cycle Route 18.  Her mission was to create safer cycling routes and encourage their use, so Catha’s Seat and the annual picnic provide opportunities for people to discover or re-discover this route as well as the joys of cycling and walking in the glorious Kentish countryside.

At this year’s Picnic we will be launching the first ever Catha’s Seat Awards.  A total fund of £500 is available to applications from local groups, schools and individuals for equipment and expenses as part of projects to encourage safety and increased use of Route 18 between Ashford and Canterbury.

To find out more, come along to the picnic or keep up to date on the website www.cathasseat.org or on social media; Facebook and Twitter

The Catha’s Seat Picnic is open to all.  Make your own way there or join an organised walk, cycle ride or run.  (Please note all walks, runs and cycle rides are at your own risk).

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