Celebrate National Walking Month 2018

“Let’s get Kent Walking this May! We want to encourage as many people as possible to give walking a go this month!

Our range of walks suit all abilities. Why not turn walking into a social occasion by taking a health walk. These walks are a great way to feel refreshed and make new friends while you’re at it.  If you’re tired of the school run, take a pledge to Walk to School for a week. Walk to school Week takes place 21st-25th May. Swop tyre rubber for shoe rubber and arrive at school alert and awake instead of tired and stressed.

Turn walking into a whole load of fun activities.  Check out the #Try20 challenge, can you walk for 20 minutes every day in May? From a lunchtime stroll to Living Street’s #Try20 May challenge. There is plenty to keep you and the family busy this month!  Try some of these simple tips to help get you walking!

If all that is not enough, check out a whole lot of walking ideas below, there is enough here to keep you walking through May and beyond!”

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