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Bluebell walks and bike rides in Kent

Spring is the time for hunting the bluebell. With Easter here and bluebells making an appearance already, now is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore.

We’ve picked our top bluebell walks, bike rides and parks to bring you the best of the bunch.

Bluebell hunting? Walk it, bike it, park it!

Get outdoors and enjoy some wild-time in Kent this spring and tell us where your favourite bluebells spots are!

Did you know?

  • Honeybees, hoverflies and butterflies rely on plentiful supplies of Bluebells and early spring flowers in order to collect nectar so tread carefully when in hot pursuit of bluebells.
  • The ornamental nature of Bluebells mean they feature in many gardens adding colour to spring flower collections. In forests, parks and woodlands they are a sign that the place is ancient! Making it all the more magical.
  • In the past, the Bluebell was been used for medicinal purposes, although it is little used in modern medicine, the humble Bluebell bulb contains diuretic and styptic properties.
  • According to folklore, anyone that hears a Bluebell ring will soon die – bit morbid! Legend also suggests a field of Bluebells is intricately woven with fairy enchantments!
  • However do beware! Bluebells are poisonous and are not the type of flowers to take home to display in a vase. All the plants contain poisonous glycosides and the sap can cause contact dermatitis, so hands off!

If you want to make a day of it then check out gardens to visit. From the National Trust’s great places, to the National Garden Scheme¬†get a glimpse into Kent’s secret garden’s and check out Visit Kent’s top picks!

If you want more of a wild experience then plan a walk in the woodlands of the Kent Downs AONB. With more ancient woodland than the rest of Kent and some of the most ancient woodland in the UK there are bluebells-a-plenty in this wonderful landscape.

If you’re looking for Bluebell events throughout April and May check out our events page!

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