Tips For Family Cycling


4th April 2022

Cycling with your little ones can be extremely rewarding and is a great way of getting them outside and surrounded by nature. But have you ever wondered how you could make those family cycles more enjoyable, less tears and more smiles? Well, we’ve rounded up a few top tips on family cycling from our very own team members who are experienced, from many previous tears and tribulations, on cycling with little ones. Depending on the age of your little one of course depends on what equipment can be used, how far you go, and what type of bribery can be involved, all food related of course! So get reading and get those bikes out and ready…


Here are our top tips for family cycling:

  • Choose a flat route, nothing creates tears more than a big hill at the end of the route! – we know from bitter experience 😊
  • Pick a traffic free, or reduced traffic, shorter route (5-10 miles, especially with small kids and if just starting out).
  • Use combination of baby seats,tag-alongs, kids’ bikes, to make the journey easier and depending on age of child.
  • Check out the CyclingUK page all about ‘How to transport children by bike’.
  • Gloves! Their hands can get very cold!
  • Make sure they can brake properly, not just put feet down.
  • Bribery! Incentivise with a destination café (hot choc, ice cream, some kind of treat).
  • Alternatively plan your route with a playground en route, ideally at the end, for the little ones to burn off some energy.
  • Take snacks & drink too, little ones can dehydrate super quick.
  • When they start winging/crying/or it gets hilly get them singing. 10 Green Bottles is fab for this! (other songs available too).

Please note: Some of these suggested routes below are longer, remember you don’t have to cycle it all, pick a section of the route and do the next big another day. Don’t forget to look up cafes in the area too!

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