Dover White Cliffs Walking Festival

Walking Festivals Are Back!

Festival season is just around the corner and this starts with Kent’s finest annual walking trips and routes commencing the period off. Scattered all over the summer a host of events are planned across Kent with none more exciting than this year’s walking festivals. Starting on the 4th May 2019, Catha Seat Picnic got proceedings underway with its annual walk starting in several locations of your choosing with each ultimately reaching the park for live music, activities and its classic picnic.

Catha Seat Picnic is just the start, across the county this year the list of walking festivals is growing with Elham Valley and Old Chalk New Downs Walking Festivals just a few of the other names to add. This is a great opportunity for people to start walking with the routes being set and planned for distances to suit all abilities so there is really no excuse. Whether you want to walk alone and see the sights, take a family stroll or walk with friends each of these opportunities are open and let’s not forget to mention the events being FREE.


Walking Festivals

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