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The south-facing slopes of Queendown Warren reserve are a fine example of unimproved chalk grassland. These grasslands typically occur on shallow soils with a high calcium carbonate content and often have an extremely rich flora with up to fifty species in every square metre. Located outside Sittingbourne and managed by Plantlife, the reserve is grazed with cattle or ponies over the autumn and winter to produce the short sward height needed by its special plants and butterflies. Orchids thrive in the dry, nutrient-poor conditions associated with chalk downland and ten species are regularly seen at Queendown Warren, including early-spider, burnt, man, fly, and bee orchid. Alongside these other wild flowers such as yellow-wort, sainfoin and stemless thistle grow in abundance. The Plantlife website includes further information about plants to look out for at different times of the year. It includes detailed directions for finding the reserve, and also has a downloadable map.

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This park and open space contains uneven trails, un-surfaced or narrow pathways. Also, there are width restricting features, such as stiles and narrow gaps making it difficult for visitors with pushchairs and/or wheelchairs to access some parts of the site.

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